The Following Maintenance Procedures are Recommended:

A. Every Six (6) Months:

1. Clean conveyor removing any accumulation of dirt, dust and lint. Pay particular attention to drive components and bearings as these parts are pre-lubricated and any large accumulation of dirt and lint will have a tendency to wick the lubricants from the component. NOTE: Conveyor track should be cleaned with a cloth saturated with solvent, and the drive components and bearings should be cleaned with tank vacuum and dry cloths.

2. Check tension on drive chain, remove any slack. Slack in the drive chain will cause the conveyor to start with a jerk causing unnecessary wear on other components.

3. Check tension on drive belt. Belt should be just tight enough to prevent slippage. CAUTION: Do not over-tighten.

B. Every Five (5) Years:

1. Check trolley bearings. This can be accomplished by raising the yoke so that the bearings are not in contact with the track. Give each bearing a spin. If the bearings don¹t spin freely, or the metal balls inside the bearings rub together and create an audible noise, then the trolley bearings should be replaced.

2. Check oil level in gear reducer. Keep oil level up to check plug at all times. If needed, add oil. Use only a worm gear oil rated A.G.M.A. NR. 7 for all normal operations. CAUTION: Do not overfill. Do not use motor oil.